Library Digital initiative

  • The purpose of the Library Digital Initiative is to create an infrastructure to support the "collecting" of digital resources at Dong-eui similar to the infrastructure the library has long had for the collecting of research resources in other formats. "Infrastructure" is defined broadly to include not just automated systems, but also staff expertise and service facilities.
    The intent of the Initiative is twofold:
  • 1) For library, to reduce the complexity inherent today in making digital research materials available;
    2) For library users, to make University digital "collection" as well organized and accessible as the library has always tried to make traditional collections.
  • Many other institutions have established new, separate facilities to develope their digital collections. Our Initiative is consciously constructed on a different model: the integration of digital resources into the existing library structure.
  • While there are many exciting developments happening in the area of electronic information which will be important for the students and scholars of Dong-eui, the University has existing traditional collections of enormous wealth, and will continue for the foreseeable future to collect significant new materials in traditional formats. Integrated access to our "collections", regardless of format, is a key aim of the Library Digital Initiative.
  • The Initiative is a several year effort, internally funded by the University. Initially, three areas of activity have been defined.

Advisory services
  • Digital library projects involve many complex issues. The Initiative will make available experts in various specific topics to assist library, archives, and research projects as needed.
    Currently, expert assistance is available in the areas of digital acquisitions (for issues of licensing, contracting, and vendor relations), and reformatting (technologies, standards, vendors, and work-flow design for converting existing materials to digital form). An expert on archiving and preserving digital materials will be available in the future.

Technical development
  • There are a number of systems and services that will be useful to library as they begin to build large digital collections. Among the areas already identified for development are:
  • Repository service; to provide a secure and professionally run facility to store and serve digital materials of many types;
  • Naming service; to provide robust and persistent names to digital materials so they can continue to be found over time regardless of changes in technology and systems;
  • Scanning facilities; to provide services for conversion of existing collections materials;
  • Access management facilities; to protect the intellectual property represented in digital collections.

Demonstration projects
  • In order to set priorities for infrastructure development, and to test the utility of infrastructure components, a series of challenge grants will be made within the university to projects which make meaningful and useful digital content available over the Dong-eui network.
  • The Library Digital Initiative is guided by a Library Committee composed of senior librarians and professors from the university, which evaluates and selects proposals for funding under the Dong-eui University Internal Program.

  • * For more specific information or assistance, please contact us calling at
  • +82-51-890-1155