About Dong-eui University Central Library

Brief History
  • Based on "dong-eui-ji-chun" ( 東義知天 ), Oriental founding ideology of Dr. Im-sik Kim as the founder & chairman of the Dong-eui Institute who is not only a senior educator but also used to be a political leader  in the Korean National Assembly, the Dong-eui University became a multifunctional four-year prestigious university in 1979 since opened its doors in 1966.
  • The Dong-eui University Central Library also moved to the current Gaya Campus in 1979. The Central Library facility has a total floor space of nearly 22,000 square yards (a nine-story building with a basement) holding 3,657 seats for general reading. The Library organization includes two departments, four divisions, and nine sections.
  • Particularly, we are expediting specialized the Oriental Medicine Branch Library.
  • As an integral component of the University's academic programs, the Central Library supports the university's teaching and research functions in a broad range of the academic sciences. The Library is much more than a repository for the accumulated knowledge of our civilization ; it serves as the heart of our intellectual enterprise.
  • Reaching beyond local holdings, the Library has made extensive provisions for various applications of the latest information technology. The Library Online System forms a part of the campus-wide network, and is therefore accessible through out the campus. Through the Library Online System, users are able to access a broad range of bibliographic and full-text information, as well as to search CD-ROM databases.
  • The Library places equal emphasis on the provision of high quality services for its users. An experienced staff assists patrons in a variety of ways, from the selection, acquisition, and cataloging of materials to providing assistance in using the collection, online service, and Interlibrary Loan.
  • We encourage you to become familiar with our user-friendly online system and also to explore the wealth of materials available in the Library's collection.
  • The Library staff are committed to meeting the varied needs of the academic community.

  • Located in the magnificent Gaya Campus, the Dong-eui University Central Library has a comprehensive collection of Oriental and Western books, and non-print materials as well as electronic resources. As of 2014, we include descriptions of over 1,119,000 volumes of printed materials and more than 800 titles of domestic / foreign active journals housed in the library's collections.
  • Another feature of our University is the Oriental Medicine Branch Library in the Yangjung Campus preserving a collection of approximately 43,200 volumes focused on Oriental Medicine. To keep abreast with the worldwide academic innovation, we will try every effort to provide up-to-date information for its affiliated members of the Dong-eui College of Oriental Medicine well known for the undisputed and unrivaled Institute in its field in Korea. Generally speaking, even though Chinese Oriental Medicine has a longer history than that of Korean Oriental Medicine, we are now devoting ourselves to develope our own traditional distinction.
  • Currently, all materials produced in the University such as theses, dissertations, publications are electronically stored in the format of "image databases" the first of its kind in the nation, so that everyone can get access to the original full-text of research materials of the University through Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • If you need specific information, the Library will find it for you. If you want to learn about the nature of the Library and its activities, please visit us. The Library hopes we meet Dong-eui's commitment to both teaching and research, and to its informal motto of "Dong-eui in the Nation's Service and in the Service of University Community."
  • Since we are constantly expanding and improving our Web-Site, the Library hopes you ask us whenever you need our assistance. Besides, there are many activities you can take advantage, such as exhibits, and events available to the university community.


(as of 2024.3)

Books(Volumes) 1,295,352
Non-book Materials 39,748
Periodical Korea 473 (E-Journals: 4 package)
Foreign country 11 (E-Journals: 14 package)